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Welcome to the family photo web site for Dick and Susan Westin.

Susan and Dick retired after exciting careers and live in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Dick spent 30 years at the World Bank where he traveled frequently, visiting 80 countries (and counting). Susan was Managing Director at the Government Accountability Office, where she capped her career with 4 years in Brussels when she was the first woman chairman of the NATO International Board of Audit. Look in our Brussels and Business Galleries for pictures.

We enjoy taking care of our grandchildren, Jonathan and Alexander Kwon and Carter and Charlotte Wood, especially at our weekend home on the Potomac River at Rock Point, Maryland, and at our family cottage near Saint Joseph, Michigan. Look for all of us in our Rock Point, Lake Michigan, Family and Weddings Galleries.

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Panama, January 15-22, 2014

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Grand Targhee, Idaho. March 10-18, 2014

We visited Dan and Doreen Smith in the chalet they rented in Driggs, I ...

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Turks and Caicos, February 15-22 2014

We had a wonderful family vacation in February 2014 at the same villa ...

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